Engineered Wood Products

It takes more than a pretty product to make the cut at ABC Truss. We’ve partnered with the industry’s leading manufacturers in order to provide you with superior performance, protection, and competitive pricing.

Our premier partner of Engineered Truss products, Weyerhauser, offers predictable performance and products that are designed to work together. This means materials can be used more efficiently and still increase the quality of the house.

  • I-Joists
  • Laminated beams & headers
  • Laminated veneer beams & headers
  • Laminated studs & dimensional framing lumber

TrusJoist TJI Joists by Weyerhaeuser

TrusJoist TimberStrand LSL by Weyerhaeuser

TrusJoist Parallam PSL by Weyerhaeuser

TrusJoist Microllam LVL by Weyerhaeuser

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