Floor Trusses

Much like our roof truss facility, our floor truss plant features advanced, specialty equipment, including roller systems with jig framework, lineal and radial arm saws, and web cutters. With implementation of Lean Manufacturing processes and procedures we can ensure a second to none product.

Our floor trusses can be customized to carry additional loads in specific locations, additional bearings and designed with a variety of end conditions including top chord bearing, bottom chord bearing, and trimmable ends.

Advantages of floor trusses over conventional framing:

  • Easy & Fast Installation:  floor trusses are lightweight and go up easily and quickly, with no job site cutting or fitting needed, reducing framing time and material waste.
  • Cost Effective:  floor trusses allow for longer spans, which results in fewer beams, bearing walls, columns, posts and footings, reducing the overall floor system cost.
  • Quality & Performance:  with a wider flange and stiffer braces, floor trusses create superior floor performance by reducing deflection and squeaks.

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