With nearly 50 years of component manufacturing experience, Automated Building Components is the leading supplier of roof trusses and floor trusses to lumber dealers in Minnesota and Wisconsin. With locations in Eagan, Minnesota and Chetek, Wisconsin, we are able to effectively serve your needs. The ABC teams form a unique partnership with our clients to provide immediate and specialized service. ABC Truss is continually setting the standards for quality and service by providing engineered components for the floor and roof of your next structure. Our knowledgeable sales and design staffs can take care of all your engineered component needs. A largely automated production floor featuring 4 fully automated set-up tables keeps trusses moving out the door quickly and efficiently, and a fleet of 26 trucks delivering to your jobsite assures meeting your building schedule. ABC has been setting the standard for Quality and Service for nearly 75 years.

In 2011, The Lyman Companies was acquired by US LBM Holdings, LLC. US LBM is one of the fastest growing companies in our industry and is recognized as the 3rd largest building products distributor in the U.S. The US LBM model is to serve as a platform for further investments and acquisitions in the pro dealer market—preferably in partnership with current ownership/management. US LBM encourages those individual businesses to operate as autonomous local divisions while enjoying the capital and other resources of a much larger national organization.

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Floor Truss

    Much like our roof truss facility, our floor truss plant features advanced, specialty equipment, including roller gantry tables and a variety of high-speed saws. With implementation of Lean Manufacturing processes and procedures we can ensure a quality product that is second to none.

      Our floor trusses can be customized to carry additional loads in specific locations, additional bearings and designed with a variety of end conditions including top chord bearing or bottom chord bearing.

        Advantages of floor trusses over conventional framing:

          • Easy & Fast Installation: floor trusses are lightweight and go up easily and quickly, with no job site cutting or fitting needed, reducing framing time and material waste.
          • Cost Effective: floor trusses allow for longer spans, which results in fewer beams, bearing walls, columns, posts and footings, reducing the overall floor system cost.
          • Quality & Performance: with a wider flange and stiffer braces, floor trusses create superior floor performance by reducing deflection and squeaks.

          Roof Truss

            ABC Truss manufactures all of your trusses to order, which means your trusses will be produced to the exact size and specifications you need and delivered right on schedule. With our state-of-the-art design, engineering and manufacturing facility we can ensure accuracy and stable precision on every single truss. Utilization of advanced software, 3D imaging tools, computer-controlled saws, and precision jigs results in reliable, uniform quality and performance. With thousands of truss designs available, we can provide customized solutions for every project.

              Custom, prefabricated trusses provide unlimited design capabilities over that of pre-manufactured stock product and a host of other advantages:

                • Money & Time Savings: installing roof trusses is easier and more efficient than conventional framing and field cutting which increases production on your job site.
                • Unlimited Design Options: roof trusses allow for more complex roof designs and ceiling profiles without prohibitive costs.
                • Structurally Sound: our trusses are engineered to withstand extreme conditions and support live, dead or environmental loads and meet all building codes.
                • Better Schedule Management: use of roof trusses eliminates common framing delays and material shortages, resulting in a predictable construction schedule. When you schedule a delivery date, we will hit it!

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