At Lyman Companies, we take pride in our commitment to our associate’s safety. We exemplify this by engaging our associates and leadership in the process to ensure the workplace is free of recognized hazards. Being built on safety isn’t just a slogan, it is fundamental to the way we perform work. From day one for our new associates all the way to our leadership team, we provide the training and equipment needed to work confidently and safely on the job. Through continuous improvement and tracking key performance indicators, we identify trends and take proactive measures to ensure we limit potential for incidents.

Being built on safety involves more than just commitment from our leadership team; its takes everyone. We depend on our associates to hold each person accountable to the safety policies we have in place regardless of position or standing within the company. We strive to engrain this thought process into our associates so that we all can go home to the people that depend on us every day and continue to provide a quality product to our customers.


Safety Objectives:

  • Proactive approach to health and safety to minimize workplace accidents and injuries.
  • Lead our industry in the quality of training and equipment provided to our associates to ensure safe and compliant working environments.
  • Continue to strengthen our Built On Safety culture through associate empowerment and recognition
  • Providing a working environment that is free of recognized hazards and equipped with experience team member to abate potential hazards.

Safety Commitments:

  • Providing the resources needed to continually advance and strengthen our safety programs.
  • Establishing the time and training to our associates to become competent within their scope of work
  • Investigate each incident to establish corrective actions and prevent future incidents from occurring
  • Continued encouragement of paused work authority in order allot time to abate unsafe working conditions.

Employee Testimonials

BOS means that I let my team know that everybody is a leader in safety. As a shop lead, I let my team know that safety IS the priority. I want everybody to go home the way they came to work.


Safety means always being careful and not taking risks or shortcuts. Always be mindful of your surroundings and hazards around the workplace.


Being able to go home to my family and friends to do the things I love, along with having the option to work another day.

Built on safety means for me that my team and myself are working for success. Being aware and applying safety standards helps us to build while avoiding injuries. Safety awareness promotes teamwork, quality, and production.

To me BOS means putting safety first, making safe decisions, and following safety rules and guidelines.

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